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Equalitec: Advancing women in ITEC was a project run by Portia Ltd that sought to address gender inequality in the Information Technology, Electronics and Communications (ITEC) industries by providing services and resources to individuals and organisations for more effective implementation of diversity policies. It was a European Social Fund (part of the European Commission) funded project that ran 2004 – 2007, worked with over 80 organisations and companies and provided support to over 100 individuals. It was awarded the "Keeping on Track" Project Best Practice Award in 2009 and was finalist the British Computer Society award for Organisational Excellence, alongside Google, Microsoft, Accenture.

Portia is a not-for-profit organisation that designs and implements effective strategies that promote gender equality in SET (Science, Engineering and Technology).

Whilst Equalitec no longer runs, Portia collaborates on a number of other projects today. Please visit the Portia website for more information on Equalitec, our other work and for details on how to contact us.

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The Portia Team